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Terms & Conditions

  1. Delivery and inspection.
    1. The hirer agrees to inspect the equipment within one hour of completion of erection and to advise the owner (All Seasons Marquees) immediately of any defect or objection. The equipment should be inspected periodically to ensure the good condition and secure anchoring and if the hirer discovers any problem; they will immediately contact the owner.
  2. Installation & erection:
    1. The hirer will ensure that the site is reasonably flat, firm, of the correct area without overhead obstruction and grassed with reasonable access for motor vehicles and erection equipment. That no cables, drains, wires, pipes or other services will be affected by the installation of the one-meter long fixing pins. And where such services do under run the site that these are clearly marked and can be avoided safely. The owner will have the right to re-site the equipment in this event.
  3. Deposit, cancellation and postponement.
    1. Deposit from 1st January 2018 will be the greater of £100 or 25% of the booking invoice total. The hirer shall pay the deposit agreed. Failure to do so, within one week may result in the booking being cancelled. The hirer will pay the balance on delivery of the equipment and before the event date. The following cancellation charges apply. The hirer may cancel their booking up to 2 months before the event date with loss of deposit. Cancellation between two months and a month will incur a charge of the higher of 35% of the rental figure or deposit. Cancellation between one month and two weeks will result in a charge of the higher of 45% or deposit. Between two weeks and a week 70%. Between one week and the day before start date 100%. Cancellation charges must be paid within 14 days of the day of commencement of the booking. By confirming a booking via email/telephone/or letter you are agreeing to all of these T&Cs.
      If any event needs to be postponed for any reason, the Hirer and All Seasons Marquees will find an available date with the tax year the current booking sits in. The last date of postponement maybe 30th March of the following year. If a date cannot be agreed by both All Seasons Marquees and the Hirer then cancellation charges as per above will apply.
  4. Use of Equipment.
    1. The hirer will not use the equipment for any purpose for which the equipment is not expressly designed. The hirer will not allow the equipment to be rehired or for any illegal use nor alter the equipment in any way without the permission of the owner. Under no circumstances will the hirer attached to the walls or roof any item which requires puncturing, affixing or glueing to walls, beams or roof. In particular, the hirer shall not Sellotape, sticky-tape attachments to the Marquee whites. Nor will the hirer apply any paint or coating to any part of the structure. The hirer will ensure that the marquee is clean and tidy in time for the strike team to remove the marquee on the agreed removal date. Nor any other act of defacement of the equipment. The hirer will ensure that dogs and other pets are prevented from soiling any part of the marquee. The hirer agrees to indemnify the owner against the effect of any licenses rates taxes or other charges. The hirer will allow only suitably qualified personnel to operate/install the hirer's additional equipment such as lighting, discos etc. The hirer will not permit any person or weight to hang from, or weight bears on any part of, the structure.
  5. Duties of the hirer
    1. The hirer shall:Not allow the equipment to be removed from the site without the express permission of the owner
    2. Bear the cost of repair or cleaning suffered as a result of any activity conducted by the hirer.
    3. Bear the cost of any additional equipment required by law to be added to the equipment.
    4. Not sell or dispose of any part of the equipment nor replace any item of equipment.
    5. Permit the owners access at reasonable intervals to inspect and recover the equipment.
    6. Pay to the owner interest at 2% of invoice value per month any money outstanding to the owner beyond the agreed time of settlement.
    7. Ensure that the site is free of pet and animal fouling. Not permit dogs or other animals to enter the marquee or to foul the whites or flooring or structure of the marquee.
  6. Ownership.
    1. The equipment shall remain the property of the owner at all times.
      Insurance and liability.
      All seasons Marquees has £5m public liability and £10m employers liability insurance.
      The hirer shall be responsible for, and indemnify the owner against, any loss or damage whatsoever the cause.
      The hirer is advised to consider accepting an insurance policy against damage or loss to the equipment.
      All Seasons MARQUEES does not include "Event Insurance" in any of its pricing.
  7. Termination.
    1. If the hirer fails to pay either the deposit or balance of hire  or is in breach of any condition of hire above the contract may be terminated
  8. Force Majeure.
    1. All Seasons Marquees cannot be held responsible for loss and or cancellation as a result of events beyond its control where fulfilling contractual obligation becomes unviable. Neither can it be responsible for consequential loss as a result of cancellation.

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