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At All Seasons Marquees, we offer a range of heaters from basic, direct propane heaters to heat a tiny 10ft x 10ft structure to massive 70Kw indirect heaters capable of heating a 100ft lined marquee in winter. Snug, safe and warm. Heaters for marquees are either "Direct", where the products of combustion, burnt propane or diesel, vent directly into the space being heated. Or "Indirect' where the products of combustion are vented outside the structure into the atmosphere via a smokestack.

This image my be subject to copyrightIndirect Heating:

Indirect heaters are generally much bigger, more powerful and burn diesel. The picture above is a typical 30Kw diesel heater and shows the venting stack. Attached to the front cone would be a warm air duct. The duct supplies warm, fresh air into the roof space of the structure which then finds its level until it activates a thermostat which is located at a convenient point inside and controlled by the customer. The heater will kick in and out as the interior temperature fluctuates. We supply both 30Kw and 70Kw indirect heaters. - Fuel to be charged after use.
Direct Propane Heaters

Direct Propane Heaters

Direct Heating:
We have a range of smaller propane heaters from 5Kw to 20Kw for smaller spaces. These are not thermostatically controlled but they do have thermal cut-outs in case the flame should go out. They are easy to use, efficient and affordable. Perfect for unlined structures of 400sq ft and smaller. - Fuel to be charged after use

We also "Dry Hire" Equipment so if it is just outdoor heaters you need then why not call All Seasons Marquees!

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