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We have extensive experience with marquees and understand the worries people face with the elements. Our structures will keep you safe, warm and dry throughout the year with the help of our heaters and linings. If you have any questions at all then give us a call or ping us a quick email enquiry.

Here are some of our "Frequently Asked Questions".  If you have others then don't hesitate to call on 0758 0121 046 or email us on

Let's start with the important decision you need to make.

How big should my Marquee be? 

It is important to err on the small side. Tempting as it might be to show off with a huge structure; your guests will always want to feel busy and close to other guests - think " in the kitchen at parties" - this applies with a marquee. Too big and your guests will congregate outside or in a corner.

How much will it cost? 

Our prices start from £150.00+ VAT for a 10ft x 10ft structure. Wedding marquees range from about £20/guests to £40/guests depending on the level of equipment required. ie. Generators, dance floors, bars, luxury loos etc. 

Naturally, you will get quotes from 3 or 4 suppliers. Expensive does not always mean high quality so make sure to look at all the reviews. Then decide. At All Seasons Marquees we have fixed, sensible prices. We do not start with a high price and then sell you the saving as we come closer to other quotes you may have.

What is the marquee like?

The industry standard for professional Marquee hirers is Roder compatible equipment. Roder is a German manufacturer and the first to integrate beams in place of poles in a structure. Beware suppliers who supply thin, weak, cheap structures such as pop up tents bought from the supermarket. There are, in our area, several marquee companies offering poor quality structures but not making any accommodation for this in their cost. How can you tell? As a rule - if the structure is made up with "round poles" rather than substantial Aluminium Box beams - it is cheap! It will not be as safe as a proper structure, the canvas will be flimsy and they are generally lower in ridge height. You can tell. They look cheap - your guests will be able to tell!!!

How long is the marquee normally up for?

Your marquee rental can be for however long you want depending on availability. Normally a wedding marquee is built on Wednesday or Thursday and dropped on Sunday or Monday. In the summer months, we try to organise our staffing and marquees to suit the customer, however, this can be tricky when we have multiple weddings in one week. If you request your build and removal dates early then we will do everything we can to fit in with you. If you need the marquee to be removed or built on a weekend then let us know and we will try to accommodate this.

What flooring can I have?

We supply Dandy Dura polypropylene matting as standard  ( see the flooring in "Equipment Hire ") in either sky-blue or neutral fleck. This is professional, event matting - always clean and odourless. Alternatively, we supply wooden suspended flooring with carpet.  On occasions we have built marquees where downpours on waterlogged ground have created puddles in the marquee, please ensure that you speak to your landowner about their knowledge of any waterlogged areas and let us know in advance so we can try and prevent this spoiling your event. (Especially wedding venues who use the same area for marquees - the ground can get compacted and cause drainage issues) We also offer new and used carpet laid on the grass with a polythene underlay.

You supply Ivory lining.  Can I have white or a different colour?

We can hire in different linings for your day. Coloured swags and linings come in many colours. Let us know if you would like a colour swatch sent. The Mughal marquee comes with flat, white, crisp linen lining. Clearspan, framed structures with Ivory, silk, pleated.

What insurance do you have and do I need?

We give you third party liability insurance as standard. However, when the marquee is in your hands it is up to you to keep it, and the equipment, safe. You can obtain full event insurance to cover you, the marquee and its equipment from around £100. Let us know if you would like more information. 

Can I have a marquee in the winter?

All Seasons Marquees - we build year-round. With the addition of powerful heaters, insulating lining and suspended flooring, our winter marquees are warm and dry.

Do you have a delivery charge?

We normally offer free delivery within a 10-mile radius, after that £1 per mile.

Can I rent just lining or flooring?

Yes - of course. You can hire anything from us if it is available for your date. Please refer to our "Equipment Hire" page.

What can I do if you don't supply something I would like?

We regularly work with other marquee and hire companies to ensure that our customers have everything they could possibly want. Just ask.

When do I pay?

We require a 25% deposit and a signed booking form/acknowledgement e-mail within 1 week of the invoice and the balance within 3 working days of the event. If the booking form is not signed within a week of invoicing then availability will not be guaranteed but we will inform you of this.

Can I change my mind about the marquee size after paying my deposit?

You can change almost anything you want, within reason, up until the week of the event. Subject to availability. We do not make a penalty charge for minor changes. If you decide to radically reduce your order there would be a charge commensurate with the booking loss suffered by us.

What are the rules when hiring a marquee?

Full terms and conditions will be sent with your invoice. Please read these carefully. One of our big "NO-NOs" is sticky tape on the marquee whites (it sticks forever and ruins our walls). No smoking in the marquees under any circumstances.

I have an uneven or sloping lawn, will a marquee work for me?

We will do everything we can to offer you a stable and comfortable marquee. Really uneven surfaces may require suspended flooring at an extra cost- it looks stunning though!

What if I want to put the marquee on hard standing - not grass?

If you require a marquee on hard standing we supply Water weights. The larger of these hold a tonne of water each and keep the marquee in place! This will cost you around £100.00 extra but less/more depending on location and size of the marquee.

What if something happens to the marquee whilst it is in my possession?

If damage or loss occurs then any replacements or damages are chargeable to you. When signing the booking form you are agreeing to our T&Cs.  Any damaged caused by our build failures are our responsibility. You must notify us immediately if you notice anything you believe is not as it should be. We will endeavour to rectify this ASAP.

Live Music:

We can recommend Bespoke Strings to play at your function. This high-quality string quartet are versatile and can offer a range of musical sets from Church sessions to background.


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