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Marquee Accessories

Debut DoorsDebut Doors

Although marquees are designed to be weatherproof there is always scope for drafts through the entrance. Particularly if the entrance is simply an unlaced wall. To make the entrance weatherproof we can install modular Debut Doors which make a good seal against the wind and rain.

Panoramic Windows

Our new range of Panoramics adds a modern twist to the marquee. They are clear PVC sections that offer light and a clear outside view. Simply changing a gable end for a panoramic can offer light and scenery as shown below:

We offer panoramics in:

As well as the sun, we love nothing more than watching the rain pour down on a panoramic roof when inside in the warmth of a marquee.

Weather free EndsWeather-free ends

Weather-free ends are a section designed purely with panoramic - as an add-on to your marquee. They are the perfect space for your bar area or as an open entrance.

We can offer weather-free end in the following sizes:


Walkways are an important element when laying out larger structures.

No matter the weather, they are useful for many reasons:

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