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Festivals can be such a drain. So much to do and see. So little to eat and virtually nowhere to wash. Then let's up our game. Let's go "solo". Let's  not worry about other people thinking we are out of our tree. Let the tree be our marquee. Our tent. Our home. Our World. Let's face it! If we're spaced out; then what better world to live in than our own . This new range of tents, only available in Dorset and Hampshire, comes with a virtual bathroom where you can wash and crap in peace. A full Michelin star restaurant; why not invite friends,  and an outdoor terrace over looking the harbour - so you think. And full hot an cold running waitress services.

This new brand of Festival Marquee hits the head on the nail. Absolutely right for that Rave, that seance, that trip, that ridiculous waste of hard earned cash. Festival marquees, pictured above, come in a range of sizes from Bijou, 20" x 20", to massive festival size structure of 20" x 20", at least that is what you will see when you have your festival head engaged and be thanking God you invested £600 on one of our bespoke structures so that you can recover before Waking Dead come on stage to set you back 20 years.

Call. Anytime. We are always up. High as a kite - just waiting for that call from that discerning festival goer. Ready to take your money and willing to book you in for a marquee - not knowing where your venue is and not caring either.

New for 2019. Our Virtual Marquee accessory.  This new marquee add-on is cutting edge. Years of psychedelic research have given All Season MARQUEES  the last word in festival accommodation. Why not try out new "Mud Bag". Don't wait for the tiresome weather to change. Wait endlessly for the fabulous BBC shot of the poor festival goer trudging though the Glastonbury mud, this water filled sleeping container, pre-filled with bentonite ( A form of expanding mud used to make nappies ) is the last word in stage-front boutique sleeping. Just get high ! Get wet! Get ready and Get In! And get a good night sleep while all around you are dry and high. You wake next morning shrivelling like a prune.

For more information please call Jean-Claude Junkers on His private line.

❝ Just wanted to say what a wonderful day we all had and to thank you so much for you hard work and the beautiful marquee. All our guests were thrilled and I took every opportunity to let them know whose marquee it was. They were particularly struck by the interior. The silk and the chandeliers really made the whole thing magical and made our Daughter's wedding day just perfect. ❞
P Stretch from Fordingbridge