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Our FAQs....
you may have noticed our FAQs on our marquee page - if not then take a peek!

Our Marquee FAQs

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions, if you have any more then don't hesitate to call on 01425 655 664 or email us


How long is the marquee normally up for?Your marquee can be up for however long you want, depending on availability. Normally a wedding marquee is up from around Wednesday or Thursday to Monday. Charges apply for longer rentals, such as a week or more...

When do you build and remove the marquee?In the summer months we try to organise our staffing and marquees to suit the customer, however this can be tricky when we have more than one wedding in one week. If you request your build and removal dates early then we will do everything we can to fit in with your dates. We tend to build Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and remove on Monday and Tuesday. If you need the marquee to be removed or built on a weekend then let us know and we will try to accommodate this however we charge a £50 build or removal fee.

What flooring can I have?We supply Dandy Dura polypropylene matting in either sky blue or neutral-fleck. Alternatively we supply hard, wooden suspended flooring with carpet on top. We also offer new and used carpet laid on grass with an underlay.

You supply cream lining, can I have white or a different colour?We can hire in different linings for your day. Coloured swags and linings come in many colours . Let us know if you would like a colour swatch sent.

What insurance do you have and do I need?We have third party liability insurance as standard. However, when the marquee is in your hands its up to you to keep it, and the equipment, safe. You can obtain Event insurance to cover yourself for around £100. Let us know if you would like more information. John Lewis do insurance with marquees for around £120.00

Can I have a marquee in the winter?All Seasons Marquees - we build year-round. With the addition of powerful heaters our winter marquees are warm and dry.

Do you have a delivery charge?We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius, after that it is charged at £1 per mile.

Can I rent just lining or flooring?Yes, of course, you can hire anything from us if it is available for your date. We have lined village halls and other structures in the past. In the summer months we may be busy but will always try to get what you need.

What can I do if you don’t supply something I would like?We regularly work with other marquee and hire companies to ensure that our customers have everything they could possibly want. Just ask - we won't bite :)

When do I pay?We require 25% deposit and a signed booking form within1 weekof the invoice and the balance 3 working daysbefore the event. If the booking form is not signed within a week of invoicing then the marquees availability will not be guaranteed.

Can I change my mind about the marquee size after paying my deposit?You can change almost anything you want, within reason, up until the week of the event.

What are the rules when hiring a marquee?Full terms and conditions that will be sent with your invoice. Please read these carefully. One of our big NO-NOs is sticky tape on the marquees (it sticks forever and ruins our walls). Also no smoking in the marquees under any circumstances.

I have an uneven lawn, will the marquee fit?We will do everything we can to offer you a stable and comfortable marquee. Really uneven surfaces may require suspended flooring at an extra cost- it looks stunning though!

What if I want to put the marquee on hard standing (not grass)?If you require a marquee on hard standing then we will happily offer Water weights. We normally use 1m pins that hold the marquee down. The water weights hold over a tonne of water each and keep the marquee in place! This will cost you around £100.00 extra but can be less/more depending on location and size of the marquee.

What if i need to cancel my marquee?

The hirer may cancel their booking up to 2 months before event date with loss of deposit only. Cancellation between two months and a month will incur a charge of the higher of 35% of the rental figure or deposit. Cancellation between one month and two weeks will result in a charge of the higher of 45% or deposit. Between two weeks and a week 70% . Between one week and the day before start date 100%.

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