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Capri Marquees

Capri marquees can be joined together to give extra space for your event. They have totally weatherproof detachable walls, to prevent a great event from being ruined.

These smart marquees are strikingly different and eye-catching. They are totally weatherproof and come with or without sidewalls. The weatherproof walls are included in the price.

Capri Marquees are available in four sizes to cater for various size parties and how much room you want inside the marquee. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

Seating is based on 10 people at a 5′ round table. 

Capri Marquee - Size (ft) 20 x 30 (48 Seated, 60 Standing) £325.00

Capri Marquee - Size (ft) 28 x 28 (48 Seated, 60 Standing) £350.00

All prices excl VAT

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